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Relax Moment!!!!
At my grandma, it was so lovely. And so beautiful, snow on the beach!

Last week my grandma was having her 79th birthday, so we went to Zeeland to celebrate that. It was soooo fun, but pretty cold. After that it was a busy week and I haven't seen my best friend in so long. Boring me!!! But education comes first my parents always say. Maybe they're right, because I dot wanna fail my exam this year!!!! So I've been doing a lot of studying this week and working on a report about Chanel, that's fun to do!!! She is an amazing woman. Firday night I was absolutely doing nothing, so I watched Sex And The City for the 10000 time. Still a good movie though. I made me wanne live in NYC so badly, and also I want to redecorate my room and closet (specially that!!!) What have you been up to last week? X


  1. so lovely pictures :) and i wish i could live in NYC too xD it's such a nice city!