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(Shoes: VANS, Shirt: Shirt: Primark, Pants & Blazer: H&M, Earrings: ASOS)

This is not my style at all. But hey, you have to try new things sometimes! Today I have exams, so I thought an outfit with not too much fuss, just a simple outfit. Bit sporty as well! What you think?

Love, Charlie


March is already ending. Time goes by SO fast! It isn't normal! Last week I've been studying much, because my final exams are almost here. But last tuesday, finally, VOGUE was revealed. And I bought the first number immediately, ofcourse. I love that we have our own VOGUE, we're part of a family now. I'm still reading ELLE,  love that magazine too! And wow, what a nice weather last week! So nice. I'm looking forward to summer! What about you? Yesterday I went to Rotterdam with my stepmom. We had one mission: shop till you drop. I bought to much, obviously! After that we went back to Breda and we had dinner at this amazing restaurant called Zeezicht! So lovely, and the food was so good! My wall was a bit boring so I bought the heart with lief on it. I have a mission: flat stomach before summer is here. So it's time to start using these running shoes!
Love, Charlie

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(Pants: Primark, Blouse: ZARA, Shoes: New Look, Ring: ASOS, Earrings: Random store, iPhone case: ETSY)

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My notebook is very important to me. I have it always with me. So when I see or hear a good quote I can write it down, or when I find a inspiring picture I can put it in there. Do you have one? Yes, why do you use it? Or for what?
Love, Charlie

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I thought it was about time to show you guy my closet. So this is my closet. It's not all of it, because my parents are divorced. Do you want a closer look?


I haven't been blogging much the last few weeks, but I was really busy with school. My final exams are almost here so I've been studying all the time. Pretty boring I know... But sometimes I had a lazy day ;-). As you can see I've been watching Gossip Girl over and over. I love that show. And their quotes are so good. I also had to make an assignment about Chanel, that was a lot of fun to do. She's an icon for me, how she managed to build such an empire all by herself!! I also have an assignment for my sport class. We have to make a show. We've to dance on that show, and we thought it would be fun to dance with mask on, so we can make it a bit mysterious. And yes, I'm also addicted to draw something. I can't draw at all, but hey, who cares. And last but not least, my friend and I were looking for prom dresses, and we found this beautiful one (Lipsy London). It's a gorgeous long dress, but a bit too expensive for us. So sad. How were your weeks? Love, Charlie
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(Necklace: H&M, Blazer: MANGO)

Last week I saw this amazing necklace from H&M, and I had to have it. So when I had a break from work today, I went to the city and bought it! But I know myself and when I buy something, I HAVE to buy more. Shopaholic.... So at MANGO I found this amazing pink blazer. I fell in love when I saw it! What do you think, to pink or is it soft? Love, Charlie