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I haven't been blogging much the last few weeks, but I was really busy with school. My final exams are almost here so I've been studying all the time. Pretty boring I know... But sometimes I had a lazy day ;-). As you can see I've been watching Gossip Girl over and over. I love that show. And their quotes are so good. I also had to make an assignment about Chanel, that was a lot of fun to do. She's an icon for me, how she managed to build such an empire all by herself!! I also have an assignment for my sport class. We have to make a show. We've to dance on that show, and we thought it would be fun to dance with mask on, so we can make it a bit mysterious. And yes, I'm also addicted to draw something. I can't draw at all, but hey, who cares. And last but not least, my friend and I were looking for prom dresses, and we found this beautiful one (Lipsy London). It's a gorgeous long dress, but a bit too expensive for us. So sad. How were your weeks? Love, Charlie
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