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(Orange shoes: Primark, Dress: Asos and the pink shoes: River Island)

It's been a while since my last post. I'm very very sorry but my life is a little bit hectic right now. My finals are starting next week so I am been so busy with studying!!!! I'm so glad when this is finally done. Done with high school, yeeeey. Okay sometimes there was room for some fun and relaxing. For instance reading my new Lauren Conrad book! Really love her style of writing! And of course there was Qday. How could I miss that. I couldn't! My orange heels were perfect for this occasion. But oh my god, my feet were dead at the end of the day. 
After my finals I have prom, every girls dream, right? I ordered this amazing dress from Asos and those killer  heels from River Island, when I saw those two, I was immediately in love. What do you think of  my prom outfit? 
Last week I had, luckily, vacation, and it brought some flashbacks with it. Last year I went to Milan with my mom and stepfather for my 16th birthday. It was so nice there. Really good food, nice weather, great shops (Marc Jacobs) and the people were so nice! I really want to go back! 
And of course last year at this time a year the weather was amazing. But this year it's sucks really bad.

Yesterday I found this quote of Leighton Meester, I think it's a really good one. You should make your dreams happen, instead of hoping they will come true.


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